Guided Meditation CD Review

We’ve recently come across a really helpful guided meditation CD from Abraham Hicks Publications that we wanted to share with you. It has four, 15-minute segments, one each on general well-being, financial abundance, health and relationships. They claim that...

The Night of Alignment

T’was the Night of Alignment And I wanted to shout, “Release all resistance! Have nary a doubt!” Life’s s’posed to be good For all on this Earth But we make it hard By doubting our worth We enter this world As only pure good To explore...

Happy Holidays from PSP!

Prove your power to yourself… by attracting a peaceful, warm and wonderful holiday season for yourself and your loved ones! We sincerely appreciate your business, but more importantly, we appreciate your friendship and trust. Being able to share this journey...


[blockquote author=”Karen”]Positive and motivational.  Excellent start toward a better future![/blockquote]


[blockquote author=”Lisa”]These workshops changed my life! I am happier, healthier and stronger because of them.  I love my life.[/blockquote]