Beth Kimber – 10/14/2018

I enjoyed both Law of Attraction info and the guided meditation! I found it’s a great place for me to start that I can quiet my mind. I just needed a little help! It was a very great experience, especially for a beginner like me!! Kind and compassionate...

Tamara Jaros – 12/15/2012

Kevin and Suzanne share their knowledge and experience of Law of Attraction in an understandable format. Giving lots of tools and resources for success. – Tamara Jaros

Beth Marshall – 9/29/2012

Expected the complicated. Got a simplified way to use LoA in everyday life without taking extra time or effort. The class was fun. Great benefit from personal experiences. Kevin & Suzanne are terrific teachers! – Beth Marshall

Barb Baker – 9/29/2012

Great dynamic in a small group. We all had moments where Kevin and Suzanne coached us to a better understanding that will help us use the LoA to change our lives. – Barb Baker