Kevin and Suzanne share their knowledge and experience of Law of Attraction in an understandable format. Giving lots of tools and resources for success.
- Tamara Jaros

This ia a great workshop to refocus your energy on what matters most in this life… your happiness and your ability to enjoy every day!
- Erica D'Angelo

Expected the complicated. Got a simplified way to use LoA in everyday life without taking extra time or effort. The class was fun. Great benefit from personal experiences. Kevin & Suzanne are terrific teachers!
- Beth Marshall

Great dynamic in a small group. We all had moments where Kevin and Suzanne coached us to a better understanding that will help us use the LoA to change our lives.
- Barb Baker

Provided great intro into the Law of Attraction and foundation for manifestation. Informal setting was beneficial for sharing.
- Hyla Williams

This workshop pulled together a lot of what I’ve already learned and gave it more focus. I’ll now practice releasing from what I don’t want by pivoting thoughts to what I desire.
- Anon

I just want to thank you again for your support for my yoga training and the wonderful workshop I got to be a part of that totally jump started this new and amazing life I am living! I am on an AWESOME path and so excited every day to be healthy, happy and making my dreams a reality!
- A.V.

Very focused, w/participant feedback.  Well thought out format.  Looking forward to more interaction with future workshops and one on one sessions.
- Anon

Loved the material, energy and “feel good” atmosphere of this very valuable workshop!
- Diane Fernandez

Kevin and Suzanne can explain very well what is or can be a difficult subject.  They’ve helped me use the LoA to make very positive improvements in my life.
- Paul Hogan

I finally understand that it is up to me to make myself happy and that’s all there is to it!
- Hailey Yatros

Intro to Law of Attraction class by the Youngs gives you the specific tools and thought process to propel you to the next level you desire whether that be personal or professional.
- Denise B. Neis

These workshops can be life-changing experiences for anyone seeking a better life!
- D.F.

Suzanne and Kevin are masters at teaching you the skills/tools needed for success. Very insightful mentors!
- Anon

I learned even more about LoA and its applications.  Really positive, uplifting class. Suzanne and Kevin are so wonderful.  Very motivating, inspirational!  Loved it!
- Lisa Berch

I feel so at peace with everything in my life [after the workshop].  I Know I will attract Everything and that I am deserving to have it ALL.  And that I do not have to do anything to help the Universe.
- Anon

I thank you so much for attracting me to your classes and can not wait to join you for more learning together!  I can’t quite explain the feeling I left your class with and even this morning the Peace I feel.  I was awakened to a part of the Law of Attraction that seemed to be missing and now with out even a thought, I KNOW I …GOT IT…!
- Kim B.

Excellent workshop!  Kevin and Suzanne make me feel very welcomed!  Learned a lot about relationships, LoA practices.  I plan to incorporate this in my daily lifestyle.
- Lisa Berch

Wow!  What a wonderful day.  I loved the interaction in the group and the passion from Kevin and Suzanne about the Law of Attraction.
- Kimberly Briffa

Learning to address a current situation and being able to appreciate it as it is, is a giant way – the only way to achieve your desired situation. Kevin and Suzanne’s workshop teaches how incredibly crucial this growth step is.
- Anon

You provided a very concise and understandable explanation of a dynamic in our lives that most people are not aware of.  The real life examples of the LoA demonstrated are critical and empowering.
- Todd Gulich

The instructors are amazing and go to great lengths to make you feel comfortable
- Anon

I would like to thank Kevin and Suzanne for their inspired presentation and encouragement to have participants really think about The Law and use it to improve their lives.
- Denise Byrwa

I fully enjoyed the class. Kevin and Suzanne make you feel right at home. I cannot believe the day went by so fast. I would recommend this class to anyone.
- Dave Canedo

This workshop has opened my eyes to what was already there – but I was missing it! I can’t wait to practice and see positive results. Thank you!
- Anon