First Relationships Workshop Hits Home Run

Everyone wants to have improvements in their relationships, whether they’re personal or professional, so we decided to create a workshop dedicated to that idea. Last Friday, we tested our first-ever workshop on Relationships and The Law of Attraction to a full...

Adrienne Murdah – 1/28/2012

[blockquote author=”Adrienne M.”]If Suzanne and/or Kevin have shown up in your life, take notice. You have attracted them. The only question is will you allow them to help you and, as always, the choice is yours![/blockquote]

Kathlyn Putnam – 1/27/2012

[blockquote author=”K.P.”]Personal Success Programs offers a very effective, focused program on how to begin to understand and apply the universal Law of Attraction.[/blockquote]

Sandy George – 1/27/2012

[blockquote author=”Sandy G.”]Intro to L of A workshop opened my eyes to the vast possibilities of our thoughts, acting on impulses and how life can change dramatically.[/blockquote]