Stepping Into a Life of Joy

One woman’s journey from misery to mastery using the Law of Attraction

by Suzanne C Young

“This book offers you the power to change your life!” 

Stepping Into a Life of Joy offers us the power to change the quality of our lives by changing the quality of our thoughts. Part autobiography and part Law of Attraction primer, this book shows us how to incorporate life-changing Law of Attraction principles to create a life of ease, love and joy for ourselves.

At the age of 57, after two unhappy and destructive marriages, the author had given up hope of ever finding someone with whom she could happily spend the rest of her life. A defining moment that year led her to begin searching for the meaning of life and the route to true happiness. What she learned over the next few years helped her to find both for the first time and led to love and fulfilment with her ideal partner. This experience subsequently inspired her to write this book to help others also make the shift from a mundane or miserable life into one of pleasure.

Her story is fascinating, and she tells it with unflinching honesty, relating incidents and situations to the principles of the Law of Attraction, explaining how they were the inevitable result of the nature of her thoughts at the time.

Suzanne writes with wisdom and humility, and the love in her heart shines through in every word. She encourages us to investigate and prove this immutable Law to ourselves so that we, too, can create a life brimming with joy and fulfillment.

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What others are saying…

Every word, every page whispers in my heart! I can relate to some of the events you described in the book. Feeling the same feelings, thinking the same thoughts echos in my mind! To be true to yourself is to live courageous life! Thank you for writing this book! I believe it will inspire thousands of other women to look for deeper answers!

Aleksandra N.

Psychotherapist, Mental health counselor, Royal Oak, MI

My dearest Suzanne, what an absolutely beautiful amazing book. I must admit I laughed and cried. I totally felt a connection to some parts and I loved loved loved how you referenced LOA in the gray boxes like “hey people the universe is trying to tell you something” it is wonderful and I am so proud of you! I wish you soooo much success abundance and prosperity from this book.  ??

Casey Czuj

Ayurvedic Practitioner/Small Business Owner, Novi, Michigan

I enjoyed reading this book about Suzanne’s journey through life. It gave me new perspectives about Law of Attraction and I loved how she used her own life story to reinforce teachings that are not always easy to put into practical application. Suzanne has led a life full of unexpected surprises and yet she was able to take away lessons even when things did not go as planned. Thank you Suzanne for writing your story and sharing it with the world!

Leisa Peterson

Money and Business Coach, Wealth Clinic, Sedona, AZ

I loved the reminder that every difficult moment can lead to a lesson learned and enlightenment rather than a scar or an excuse. The author takes responsibility for each step of her journey and turns it into her power to create the life she wants. Her explanation of the Law of Attraction is easy to understand and apply to everyday life.

Bev Buck

Property Investment Specialist, Pinckney, MI

Beautifully written – honest and courageous outpouring of the heart!

Loree Bonis Wischer Sims

CEO/CFO, Sims Services, Grosse Ile, MI

Suzanne does a beautiful job of helping you make the connections between what is happening in your life and how are impacting (and/or co-creating) it with your thoughts and beliefs. While she shares the painful aspects of her experiences she doesn’t wallow in them. She shares her heart, her understanding of her role, then takes you by the hand and steps into her joy with you as witness. This is an effective way of blending the delivery of empowering information with an act of friendship and love. Bravo Suzanne! And more importantly, thank you.

Leah Beck

Business Developer, Lead Gardener, Care43, St. Clair Shores, Mi.

Suzanne’s book really helped me realize how much negative energy from past childhood traumas I have been carrying around into my current life. After reading her book and using some processes she recommended, I released an old childhood wound which had been triggered by the smell of coffee. My husband had been making his morning coffee every day for the past six years, outside so I would not have to smell it because it made me sick to my stomach. After reading Suzanne‘s book I got rid of that old negative belief which had turned into a trigger. I’ve been carrying for decades and now, for the first time, he’s able to make coffee indoors and the best news is, it doesn’t bother me anymore! Getting rid of of of belief patterns and habits of thought that don’t serve me we’re my biggest takeaways after reading this book.


What a wonderful book! It was so raw and honest and hit home for me in many ways. The courage and strength you exhibited and your ability to come out of it is a true testimony to the “Law of Attraction”. Suzanne, you are a true inspiration!!!


The author does a fantastic job showing the relationship between her thoughts, feelings and law of attraction. The book flows well and is full of great examples. It’s a quick and easy read- definitely worth the money!


I did find the book to have some raw, painful elements which at times triggered painful emotions. My mother was also an abused wife – more verbally than physically, so I could feel the pain you were going through as I read portions of your book; more than a couple of times, I had to wipe tears off my eyes. I do think that what guided me through this part of the experience was the knowledge that this (the pain) was temporary.
One thing that I have done different since reading the book is starting the habit of setting my day for a positive start and a happy ending. Your suggestion to start the day with a thought of something that makes you happy was powerful and effective for me. I have awakened to the thought of fields of daffodils and tulips, or cuddled with my favorite dog (a Pug who has since passed) and between the positive thought to start the day with, followed by looking for the inspiration in the work I do, the book overall has been life-changing. I sincerely hope that more people read your book!

MV Amaba

RN in St. Clair Shores, MI