Your thoughts are powerful

We all have seeds of greatness in us and the way I look at it is, the seeds are your thoughts.  So let’s imagine that our mind is like a garden. My older sister loves flowers and for at least 15 years I’ve watched her enjoy gardening as a wonderful hobby and stress...

Kathe Cameron

[blockquote author=”Kathe”]Thank you for this wonderful reminder that the universe is abundant and ready to help! Blessings to...

Mike Phillips

[blockquote author=”Mike”]Kevin and Suzanne have it together. They understand how life works.  Their experiences (which they used) are great tools to teach how the Law of Attraction works.[/blockquote]

Cindy Melchert

[blockquote author=”Cindy”]Through Suzanne and Kevin I feel a whole new world of possibility has been opened up to me.[/blockquote]

Theresa Journeau

[blockquote author=”Theresa”]You can have anything or anyone with just a little work and feeling good about yourself![/blockquote]