Expecting Beyond Observation

Here’s a question for you: What do you expect from life?   For most people, their expectations are largely restricted to observing what already exists. For example, let’s say that you never went to college.  You also happen to know someone who didn’t go to college and...

Michele Robinson – 8/26/2011

[blockquote author=”Anon”]This was a very helpful workshop.  I got several “A-HA” moments into my life and how I have got what I want in the past and can do it again when I choose to.[/blockquote]

Jean Marie Moffa – 8/26/2011

[blockquote author=”Jean Marie”]Kevin and Suzanne do an awesome job bringing the elements of The Law of Attraction to light, making them accessible and giving participants the opportunity to begin exploring how to learn to use it in their own...

LaCinda Rishel – 11/16/2009

[blockquote author=”LaCinda”]Suzanne knows her stuff, she reinstills in you that hope still exists and I can not wait to attend one, or all, of her workshops!!![/blockquote]