Thinking For Ourselves

We were never meant to walk (or think) in exact lockstep with everyone else on the planet. Any group belief system, whether political, religious or ideological, that you currently embrace should only serve as a foundation from which to launch your individuality, not...

Lisa Berch – 6/8/2012

Excellent workshop!  Kevin and Suzanne make me feel very welcomed!  Learned a lot about relationships, LoA practices.  I plan to incorporate this in my daily lifestyle. – Lisa Berch

Dawn Gulich – 6/2/2012

Learning to address a current situation and being able to appreciate it as it is, is a giant way – the only way to achieve your desired situation. Kevin and Suzanne’s workshop teaches how incredibly crucial this growth step is. – Anon

Todd Gulich – 6/2/2012

[blockquote author=”Todd Gulich”]You provided a very concise and understandable explanation of a dynamic in our lives that most people are not aware of.  The real life examples of the LoA demonstrated are critical and empowering.[/blockquote]