T’was the Night of Alignment
And I wanted to shout,
“Release all resistance!
Have nary a doubt!”

Life’s s’posed to be good
For all on this Earth
But we make it hard
By doubting our worth

We enter this world
As only pure good
To explore and expand
Like we knew that we would

But something goes wrong
When we start looking ’round
Letting judgment of others
Cause us to lose ground

There’s no lack or limit
In this Universe
Yet believing is tough
With times getting worse

Give of yourself
Whenever you can
But do not forget
You’re the Heart of the plan

We cannot donate
What we do not possess
It’s hard to give more
When we’re focused on less

So make your own joy
On this one special night
And let it extend
Through the rest of your life

Abundance will come
As will health and much love
But greater yet still comes
The peace you dream of

Share with your family
And friends, big and small
But put yourself first
And you’ll have it all!