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Kevin Young

Intuitive Coach assisting those moving through challenges to regain confidence, clarity, and direction using spiritual alignment techniques…
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Suzanne Young

Intuitive Life Coach specializing in the Law of Attraction and empowering others by helping them learn how to reconnect with their Inner Guidance…
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Kevin’s interview on Elevate with V podcast

Kevin was interviewed by Vineeta Santoshi for her Elevate with V podcast. They had lively and entertaining conversation around his journey into spirituality, personal healing, and the evolution of his Intuitive Coaching practice:

Beth Kimber – 10/14/2018

I enjoyed both Law of Attraction info and the guided meditation! I found it’s a great place for me to start that I can quiet my mind. I just needed a little help! It was a very great experience, especially for a beginner like me!! Kind and compassionate teaching.
– B.K.