Intuition is the broader stream of consciousness that we can tap into anytime when we practice quieting the physical mind.

Once the intuitive channel is opened, the subconscious mind then translates this continuous stream of consciousness directly into actions in the body with minimal or no interference from the physical mind.

These guided actions can include verbal communication, writing or typing, playing an instrument, dancing, flying a plane, and so on.

In more common vernacular, it’s also known as being in a state of flow.

What’s truly amazing is that everyone is connected to their own intuitive flow to some degree every day!

But most people aren’t aware they’re doing it and so don’t know how to deliberately tap into this incredible Universal resource.

That’s where Intuitive Coaching comes in!


Intuitive Coaching is a process that helps you…

  • Identify your unique and natural intuitive abilities
  • Gently develop those abilities in a safe environment
  • Overcome hidden, limiting beliefs that are in the way
  • Build confidence in your abilities through practice and positive reinforcement
  • Step into sharing your abilities with others (optional)
  • Start an intuitive-based business (optional)

“Kevin has been invaluable to me in helping my channeling experience unfold naturally and quickly. I am riding an exploding rocketship of expansion and Kevin’s loving, skilled, thorough, expert advice and guidance has just been incredibly helpful! In only one month’s time, I went from having never channeled to channeling in front of a group online. Now I’m booking paid private sessions and continuing to expand my practice doing what I love, while being able to help others. It is so satisfying. I can’t recommend him enough for anybody who is really ready to step into their intuitive power! Thank you so much, Kevin!” ~ Ramona Galey, Channel of ōPRA

The Core Components

Intuitive Coaching is built around three core components:

  1. Coaching – to uncover and release doubt, worry, and fear
  2. Practice – to become comfortable expressing your intuitive abilities
  3. Implementation – to share your intuitive abilities with others for fun or profit

Each session can combine any or all of the core components, depending on what you need most in the moment. We always will follow your guidance as to what feels right to work on next. 

1. Coaching

As an International Coach Federation-trained coach (PCC level), I will help you:

  • Gently identify and release your doubts, anxieties, or fears that might be holding you back
  • Grow your confidence by focusing on your natural strengths and preferences
  • Become accountable to yourself so you keep moving forward

As your Intuitive Coach, I will:

  • Maintain strict confidentiality in everything we do so you can feel safe
  • Never push you beyond where you’re ready to go
  • Never let you feel like a failure (because there are no failures, only course corrections)
  • Support you in:
    • Moving through your challenges, doubts, and fears
    • Releasing resistance around “being seen”
    • Expanding your comfort zone to become your best version
    • Tuning into and following your internal guidance system
  • Hold a consistent spotlight on who you want to become so you can step into it
  • Celebrate your victories with you
  • Respect whatever feels right to you. You’re always the boss!

2. Practice

Together, we will practice your intuitive abilities so you can find the approach that works best for you.

Whether you’re stepping into verbal channeling (like Esther Hicks, Darryl Anka, etc), mediumship, energy healing, or other types of intuitive connection, I can help you relax and open up to this stream of consciousness.

I’ve also spent hundreds of hours working with a variety of verbal channels over the years. As a seasoned question-asker, I can help gently “pull” the stream of consciousness through you, making it easier for you to receive and translate this information.

I can even ask questions on your behalf which can help bring even deeper awareness to you regarding where you’re stuck.

As your intuitive abilities improve, we can even ask the consciousness that comes through for assistance in expanding your intuitive abilities as well. There’s nothing better than having infinite intelligence working alongside us!

3. Implementation

When you become ready to share your intuitive abilities with others, I can help you choose your technology and start your own intuitive business.

I have a strong background in tech and have owned several businesses since 1990 so can help you get off the ground and running quickly.

Think of how good it will feel to be making money, doing what you love, and helping others find hope all at the same time!

Here are some of the tech products we use and recommend*:

  • Zoom video conferencing software for private and group sessions
  • Acuity online scheduling software for booking appointments
  • Stripe or similar merchant account for receiving payments
  • Facebook / Instagram / YouTube for sharing your video clips and offerings

I can also guide you with:

  • Registering your web domain
  • Getting started in business
  • Deciding on your pricing strategies
  • Brainstorming on how to attract your first clients
  • Answering general questions around running your business the way you want

Examples of what might be possible for you!

Here are a few examples of what others have accomplished as a result of having worked with me. Maybe the same will be possible for you!


Ramona Galey, channel of Opra

Ramona and I started working together on April 30th, 2019. She had never channeled before then.

In only a month’s time, she had her own webpage, Facebook page, and online scheduling system, and is now getting paid for private client sessions.

This clip came from our third group online session that we held June 21st, 2019, only 7 weeks after she first channeled. It involves a client who’s been struggling with body issues all her life and wants to release them:

What does an Intuitive Coaching session look like?

Each session is a flexible mix of personal coaching, practicing your intuitive skills, implementing your tech needs if needed, and starting your business.

At the beginning of a session, we’ll talk for a bit and you can share what you feel you need from the session. You’re always the boss so we will always trust your intuition to guide us!

Here are some of the things we would typically do:

1) Coaching to help gently move through the fears that naturally come up when stepping into this field, grow your confidence, and move you easily towards your goals.

2) Practicing your intuitive abilities. I can help you relax through guided meditation to make it easier to tune into your stream of consciousness, inner being, guides, or whatever else you’re naturally connected with.

3) Help you start/build your business.

Also, everything we’ll be doing together is 100% confidential so you can feel safe in opening up and learning to trust yourself. I promise to never push you beyond where you’re ready to go but will hold a consistent spotlight on who you want to become so you can step towards it at your own speed in confidence.

Sessions are held over Zoom video conference and can be recorded if you like for later playback (if you’re on a computer). 

Example session – Saly Elka, Psychic Interdimensional Channel

Saly and I have done a number of sessions together and this particular one was so good that Saly decided to make it public in the hopes that it might help others also feel safe in stepping out of their comfort zones and into their callings.

I want to acknowledge Saly for having the courage to be vulnerable in exploring and releasing the blocks that were slowing her progress towards her dreams.

She created some magic in this session and it was an honor to play a small part in assisting her in achieving this!





What does it cost?

My standard coaching rate is $175/hr, payable when you book your session. You can also buy blocks of sessions at a discount.

Financial Hardship Support

I’m also happy to offer discounted sessions for those currently experiencing financial challenges:

  • Reach out via our Contact Form to request a Coupon Code for whatever amount you can currently pay and I will email it back to you.
  • There are no qualifications to meet; simply tell me what you can pay and I’ll send you the Code. No guilty feelings allowed!
  • You will enter your Code on the booking page by clicking [Redeem Coupon or Package] and then [Apply].
  • Each Code is good for up to 9 sessions to be used within 3 months. I’m happy to reissue your Code if you still need the assistance after that.
  • If inspired to, you can always send additional money after a session via our Donate Page.

My invitation is to push yourself to just beyond what you think you can afford so that the energy will pull you into being able to afford it as we continue working together.

Remember, you are a millionaire in the process of opening up to the abundance that’s waiting for you. Believing in yourself is the first step in opening the floodgates of that abundance!

Note that you will receive full benefit of my services and attention regardless of what you pay.

Get Started Now

If you’re ready to work with me, head on over to my personal page and chose your starting point!

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If you’re getting excited but feeling emotional, all at the same time, I understand!

Most intuitively gifted individuals like you tend to have lots of old limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, worries about “being seen”, that are still playing in our minds and holding us back.

It’s not surprising that these might get triggered as you consider stepping beyond them! They don’t like that.

Intuitives are also strong in our connection to Higher Consciousness but not as much in the practical aspects of business. This can also trigger doubt and overwhelm.

That’s why it’s important to lean on people like me who can help make this part easier and more manageable for you. 

It’s your job to be the rockstar of your life! It’s my job to help you get there.

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Not quite ready to chat?

Feel free to drop me a note in our contact form to let me know what’s on your mind and I’ll get back to you via email!


  • The cost of any external services mentioned above that you decide to use is not included in the Intuitive Coaching session pricing.
  • If you click on some of the product links above, we may receive a referral fee.