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2020-02-14 – Suzanne hosted a storytelling event on Abraham Fun Facebook group ~ She shared the story of how she transformed herself through LoA teachings, going from two miserable marriages to a dream life with Kevin now!

2020-01-31 – Kevin hosted a storytelling event on Abraham Fun Facebook group ~ He shared the story about his brain tumor adventure, various Abe hotseat conversations, how he went from computer engineer to channeling coach, surviving childhood (still working on that one), and the calling of the “millions”.

2020-01-30 – Kevin Young Interview on 12-minute Conversations with Engel Jones / Ep2770

2019-06-27 – Kevin Young on Brian Scott’s, The Reality Revolution podcast ~ In this interview, we talk about channeling, the law of attraction, consciousness, morning routines and releasing energy in your body.

2019-08-11 – Allie O-Shea ~ Series 2, Episode 12 Soul Expansion & Inspiration – Suzanne Young

2019-06-19 – Allie O-Shea ~ Episode 12 Soul Expansion & Inspiration – Kevin Young

2019-01-21 – Kevin Young on The Awakening with Katina Love ~ Raising Your Consciousness