We have some exciting news to share!  We recently had the good fortune of taking charge of an existing Law of Attraction group on Meetup.com called The Billionaire’s Club.

This group was formed in 2009 for the purposes of learning and sharing information about the Law of Attraction.  When the founding organizer stepped down recently, we saw a great opportunity to bring together an even larger community of like-minded individuals to share in this powerful learning.

We had our first “trial” meeting in March and had 30 people show up.  We filled the back of a restaurant and, although it was cramped and noisy, the energy was simply electric!  As such, we’ve decided to extend the invitation to our clients and friends to come join us in the fun every month.

There’s currently no charge to join so if you’d like to mingle with other, like-minded Law of Attraction practitioners in the Southeast Michigan area, browse to www.meetup.com/The-Billionaire-s-Club to find out more.

NOTE: This is NOT an advertising or promotional meeting for Personal Success Programs. In fact, we have one rule in the group and that is, no open solicitation of any kind, including from us.

Hope to see you there!