Good news!! Suzanne will be speaking at Eastern Michigan University on November 27th to a group of grad students and you’re also invited to attend at no cost.

She’ll be speaking on the topic of, “Stepping Into a Life of Joy – changing the quality of your life by changing the quality of your thoughts.”

This is a two-hour presentation that reveals the missing ingredients in finding peace and happiness in our busy world by managing your emotions. Life was meant to be easy-flowing, stress-free, rewarding, and fun and this presentation can show you how to get there!

During this presentation, she will cover…

  • How to use the energy of our thoughts to improve our lives by understanding the naturally-occurring, Law of Attraction.
  • How to reduce stress and achieve clarity, confidence, and peace of mind through guided meditation.
  • Why our intuition is the most important tool we have and how to tap into it more effectively.
  • Dispelling myths such as, no pain, no gain.
  • The Top 5 Tips to create a happier, healthier, and successful life.

When: Tuesday, November 27th from 4-6pm

Where: Room #352, Student Center

Cost: FREE! But seating is limited so click HERE to reserve your seat.