Here’s a question for you: What do you Expect from life?  

For most people, their expectations are largely restricted to observing what already exists.

For example, let’s say that you never went to college.  You also happen to know someone who didn’t go to college and is now working in a menial job that they don’t like.

By observing their situation, it would be easy to believe that you might end up in a similar type of job.

Or maybe you’ve been sick for a long time and want to be healed.  The desire is there to get better but the observation of the illness is also there and it’s probably getting more “thought” time than the desire for healing is.

In each case, if the amount of time spent observing “what is” happens to be greater than the time spent expecting change then the change can never come.

This is because we always attract what we predominantly focus on, regardless of whether it’s wanted or unwanted.  Manifestations are always based on the amount of thought energy applied to the given situation, nothing else.

So, how do we break the “what is” cycle and instead start attracting what we want?  One way is to do this is by intentionally setting our expectations beyond our observations.

For personal situations like those listed above, releasing self-judgment, self-criticism, fear and other negative emotions is a good first step.  This helps break the observation cycle which makes it easier to set new expectations.

Next, reach for a slightly better feeling thought on the subject you wish to improve.

From our college example above, a better feeling thought might be, “Many people who didn’t go to college have gone on to become millionaires.”

Now you’ve made it easier to extend your expectation a bit to something like, “There are many opportunities for someone with my creativity and enthusiasm that don’t require a college degree.”

If you can spend more time thinking that thought without contradicting it by observing “what is” then eventually, it MUST become reality.

Remember that there are no accidents, coincidences or lucky breaks in this law-based Universe.  You have control of it all.

Why not start expecting improvements in your life right now?  You might just be surprised and delighted by what the Universe can bring you!