Vibrational Marketing – Nov 13th, 2020 workshop recording

This 1-hour workshop recording helps you easily attract the most rewarding clients into your practice without using traditional tools (such as email, Facebook ads, etc) that often feel like effort.

We’ve learned that the clients we are seeking are also seeking us and the more we align with our own offerings, the easier it is for them to find us!

You will also receive a recording of the event in case you can’t attend live or just want to review the material.

“That was an amazing reminder of why I’m passionate about all of my life these days. Thank you for having me!” ~S.Y.

Topics include

  • Prioritizing by passion
  • Law of Attraction is your assistant
  • Tuning into your Ideal Client
  • Becoming a lighthouse so your Ideal Clients can find you


“Thank you! I really enjoyed the workshop Kevin and Suzanne. Loved the simplicity and heart-based knowledge you gave us.” ~ S.P.


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Vibrational Marketing – The secret to attracting clients without effort (download)


Nov 13th, 2020

Price: $20 USD

NOTE: This recording is for your own private use only and is copyright 2020 by Personal Success Programs LLC. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.