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Spring has finally arrived in Michigan! With age comes wisdom so I’m always happy to admit that I’m no spring chicken. Therefore I had no idea that I would be giving birth to something new this spring!

And yet, a seed had recently been planted in my mind by a wonderful woman who called me about a month ago. After reading my book “Stepping Into a Life of Joy” she was eager to receive some coaching so she could continue to use the power of her thoughts (Law of Attraction) to keep improving her life. She wanted to feel happier in two different areas:


  • She wanted to improve her work life and described her situation as having a micro-manager for a boss and co-workers that weren’t doing their jobs. This left her overwhelmed, overworked, and underappreciated.
  • She’d also had past relationship issues in her private life that she knew she did not want to repeat which left her settling for less in a current “on and off” again love relationship.

Her enthusiasm and desire to work with me was as effective as watering and fertilizing the seed that she had planted in my mind. I realized there would be great value in developing a new group coaching program, for those who have read my book and were eager to continue learning more about attracting more joy into their life.

I know the Universe is always supporting us in our continued growth and expansion and she was the cooperative component that helped me realize that becoming a profession speaker this year is one goal I have, but voila, I realized it was also time to birth a new program.

One of my greatest joys in life is helping women find happiness from within. They can then use this power as the stepping stone for attracting all their dreams and desires. I’m happy to announce that Happiness Now has arrived. It is my new 6-week follow-up program for women who have read my book and want more support.

I chose this title because it gets right to point of something all people are searching for which is finding a way to be happy in our current lives, despite the circumstances around us.

“This class has been a major turning point in my life. With Suzanne’s gentle guidance, I have been able to see it, find it, feel it, deal with it, get beyond it, and move forward. Without her help I would still be stuck!” ~ Loree K. Wischer


Sessions 1&2 ~ A journey of Self-Discovery

We will begin by exploring who we really are. This will include the 3 hidden aspects of ourselves that highly influence how we attract both wanted and unwanted life experiences. We will uncover and let go of old habits and beliefs that no longer serve the expanded version of ourselves. Then we will replace the old habits and rebuild our lives with new, self-empowering habits of thoughts.

 Sessions 3&4 ~ A journey of Self-Empowerment

This is where Stepping Into a Life of Joy becomes a companion guide as we reinforce how to use the power of our thoughts (Law of Attraction) consistently enough to experience Happiness Now. This will include the 36 Law of Attraction principles and corresponding proven techniques to use to raise our vibration during times of stress and worry.

 Sessions 5&6 ~ A journey of Self-Acceptance

We will explore the power of forgiveness, learning trust and be true to ourselves. We will set new boundaries as we step into the new women we have become, possibly experiencing how it feels to be comfortable for the first time in our own skin. We’ll explore how great it feels to be authentic and transparent and free to be us!

“Suzanne is one in a million – what compassion, love and knowledge she has and fun as well!  This class has given me the tools & knowledge to improve my entire life.  I’m a new person filled with hopes, goals, better relationships & I am at peace.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this life changing experience!” ~ Kathy Fisher

By the end of this 6-week journey, we will all realize the value of loving and accepting ourselves in a way that ensures that the energy we are emitting into the Universe will attract what we do want instead of what we don’t want.

The momentum we build, during this time together, will provide the strength we need to know that despite our surrounding circumstances, Happiness Now is always available at our fingertips!


  • Practical techniques to:
    • A sense of confidence in making decisions
    • Easily work through relationship issues
    • Reclaim your happiness under any circumstances
  • Build lasting friendships with classmates
  • Unconditional money-back guarantee! *

“I have learned so much about myself through your program. I am much happier and I have learned how to appreciate my life and myself. My life is now heading in the direction that I want and need it to. You are a positive force not only as a teacher, a mentor, and a business woman but also as a friend. Thanks Suzanne!” ~ Anna Kopchia

Current Schedule

Date: Tuesday evenings starting May 14th and ending June 18th
Time: 7 – 9 PM EST
Location: Personal Success Programs in Novi, Mi
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