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Personal Success Programs

Suzanne and Kevin Young

Suzanne and Kevin Young


We started Personal Success Programs to fulfill our own need for change and growth.

After more than 30 years of studying and learning from many different teachers as well as attending our own School of Hard Knocks, we came to realize that our mission in life is to share what we’ve learned with others and to be a catalyst for their own self-empowerment.

Personal Success Programs was created to carry out that mission.




Our Vision


To help people improve the quality of their lives by improving the quality of their thoughts.  Our services include workshops, training, coaching, published materials and speaking engagements.


  • Honesty & integrity in all things
  • Profit from work that benefits humanity
  • Attention to quality, detail and follow-through in all aspects of the company
  • Creativity, dreams and innovation


Our Team

Suzanne Young

Suzanne Young

Suzanne has been helping women for over 27 years during her career as a Divisional Leader and Trainer with UndercoverWear Home Parties. Within her first 3 years in UndercoverWear, Suzanne’s team included numerous successful managers and sales agents totaling over 150 women.  She became passionate about helping the women on her team achieve success by providing a wide range of training from product knowledge, to sales techniques, effective communication and overcoming objections. Suzanne also provided training in areas of personal growth, knowing that the most successful business women on her team were those with high self-esteem and a positive outlook on life.

The concept of The Women’s SELF Awareness Class formed after Suzanne attended a high-school class reunion. She reconnected with a long-time friend from her class who confided that she was very unhappy with her life and felt stuck in a rut, not knowing what to do to get through her unhappiness.  Suzanne began to think of ways she could help her friend and other women who might be dissatisfied with the life they were leading.  Taking a Dale Carnegie Course® in 2006 motivated Suzanne to take action and so began the Women’s SELF Awareness Class.

In 2010 Suzanne continued to search for the most effective ways to communicate and help people improve their lives. She completed a Mediation course through Mediators without Borders® and has become a certified Mediator.  She is not actively practicing mediation as she is busy participating in the training programs and life coaching offered through Personal Success Programs.  Learning mediation has enhanced her awareness of knowing how much she enjoys empowering people to be solution seekers and to use the best feeling thoughts to move past and through all disputes and frustrations in life, which is the basic foundation of all that Personal Success Programs provides.

In the fall of 2016, Suzanne released her first book entitled, Stepping Into a Life of Joy, which is an autobiography and Law of Attraction primer all wrapped up into one very compelling story.  It’s already inspiring many people and is getting rave reviews on Amazon.com!

Suzanne has successfully raised her four children, 10 years of which as a single parent, and is now a proud Grandmother of five wonderful grandchildren.  She and her husband Kevin live in Novi, MI and own Personal Success Programs LLC.  Their company offers a variety of workshops designed to help both men and women experience personal growth in many areas of life.


Kevin leaning on pedistal (25pct)

Kevin Young, ACC, BS, CUG

Kevin Young

Kevin’s role in Personal Success Programs includes developing and leading workshops, webinars and public speaking events, facilitating group coaching sessions, working with individual or business coaching clients, developing presentation materials and managing the business alongside Suzanne.

Although he started his career in the field of computers and hi-tech, early on, Kevin developed a deep interest in the human side of technology.  During that time, he discovered that his naturally calming presence often helped his clients easily get through their technology challenges.  Although he didn’t know it at the time, this was the beginning of what has become a deeply satisfying and highly successful career as a professional coach, mentor, trainer and speaker.

Kevin holds a BS in computer technology and an Associate Certified Coach credential through the International Coaching Federation.  He’s also had a lifelong interest in science and quantum mechanics and is fascinated by the connection between physical and non-physical states of being.  He one day soon expects to solve the mysteries of life itself.  It should make for a good book.

Kevin has been involved in various groups as a leader, volunteer, speaker and trainer and has been published several times in an international coach trade magazine.  He also leads their monthly, 1,500-member Law of Attraction meetup group called The Billionaires Club along with Suzanne.

His daughter, Becky, is a professional in the soccer industry and reminds him how to stay young at heart.

Kevin spends his free time vacationing with Suzanne, playing the drums (aka, annoying the dog) and thinking up ways to attract more fun things to do in life.


Kevin’s Coaching Practice

Coach U Graduate




Kevin is a forward-thinking, intuitive, ICF-credentialed coach who partners with those looking to affect powerful change in their business and/or personal situations.  His clients are intuitive (or want to be) and are ready to expand to the next level, whatever that is for them.  He’s owned several businesses since 1990 so is familiar with the challenges that can arise.

He will:

  • Provide you a safe, supportive and confidential environment to explore the issues that are most important to you.
  • Brainstorm with you to develop your vision and action steps.
  • Challenge your self-limiting beliefs and assist you in releasing them.
  • Support your highest excitement and direction, whatever you say that is.
  • Assist you in developing systems of accountability so you can stay on track.
  • Cheer you on from the sidelines and celebrate your wins with you

He works best with clients who are ready and willing to:

  • Let go of old or disempowering beliefs.
  • Identify and then move towards their goals, dreams and visions.
  • Build new, self-empowering skills and attitudes.
  • Explore the more esoteric and powerful side of their own inner guidance.

Benefits that previous clients have reported as a result of having worked with him:

  • Annual company sales increase of up to 7 figures.
  • Exceeding %180 of personal sales quota in under a year.
  • Increased sales of 30% within 90 days.
  • Securing a contract job paying $500/day.
  • Released “shame” around money issues and now has money in the bank.
  • New job offers with significant salary increases.
  • Improved clarity and confidence in decision-making.
  • Successful new business launches.
  • Increased number of “perfect” clients attracted to business.
  • Attracted wonderful relationships, both business and personal.
  • Significant improvement in working relationships.
  • An improved attitude and new sense of ease in life.
  • A fundamental understanding of how to attract anything they desire.
  • A feeling of true self-empowerment and a knowing that anything is possible.
  • Tools and processes to stay focused, empowered and confident.
  • Improved time management leading to better energy and efficiency.
  • Improved attitude with coworkers and in job functions.
  • Developing and launching first-ever, branded product on Amazon.
  • Thriving online business.
  • A solid understanding of the Law of Attraction

He is also an experienced Law of Attraction instructor (Abraham-Hicks) and can include this foundation within the coaching for even faster and deeper results.


If you’d like to find out whether coaching might help you take your life or business to the next level, book a free coaching Discovery Session here:

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Here are a few of Kevin’s articles published in choice magazine, the magazine for professional coaches:

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Roxie is our Director of Entertainment.  She’s our personal, friendly greeter and brings her calm state of being to all workshops.   She’s also captain of The Backyard Squirrel Patrol.




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This is what we’re doing when we aren’t giving workshops, coaching or speaking in front of the public.


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